SHADE AIDE® HMI Protector for Your Control Panel’s Human Digital Interface

Color touch screens and black & white screens can be hard to see when the sun is beating down on them. Over time, the sun’s harmful rays can damage your HMI / MMI screens, making them impossible to read. The SHADE AIDE® by Smith & Loveless blocks these harmful rays, allowing you to view your HMI screen. The SHADE AIDE® HMI Protector comes in many different sizes and colors, including stainless steel, so you’re sure to find one that fits your HMI and your own style!

Now in Stainless Steel!

Get the HMI protection that you want, with the durability that you need.

SHADE AIDE® from Smith and Loveless is now available in stainless steel! These stainless-steel SHADE AIDE® units offer the HMI protection and functionality that the SHADE AIDE® brand is known for and are built to withstand the most rigorous environments!  It’s the best HMI sun shield on the market today!

The stainless-steel SHADE AIDE® is durable, impact resistant and can retain complete usability in high temperature environments. And it looks great too!

The stainless-steel SHADE AIDE® comes in 4 sizes and is available now!